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Welcome to SaunaGeek.com, a one-stop destination for all things sauna!

Our website was founded by a Finnish sauna lover with a mission to gather and share knowledge about this cherished cultural tradition. At SaunaGeek.com, you’ll find a wealth of information about the various types of saunas, as well as their unique features and benefits.

In addition to providing detailed descriptions of different sauna types, we also offer practical tips on how to use a sauna and follow proper sauna etiquette. From selecting the right sauna temperature to knowing when to exit the sauna, we’ve got you covered.

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So whether you’re a seasoned sauna goer or new to the world of sweat lodges, SaunaGeek.com has something for you.

Start exploring and learn everything you need to know about saunas today!

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At SaunaGeek.com, we strive to provide our readers with the most accurate, recent and relevant information available so that they can make informed decisions about their sauna use.

To accomplish this, we research and cite only the best, most authoritative primary sources of information and use a thorough process to ensure the quality and reliability of the content we publish.

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